Blu-Ray Media

A defining moment in high definition has arrived.

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A defining moment in high definition has arrived.  Now blue laser technology is driving the future of optical storage. With the introduction of high definition television (HDTV) broadcasts and increasing use of high definition recording creating valuable content, Blu-ray optical media provide the high capacities required by these new high definition formats. These formats allow users to record crystal clear, superior images as well as benefit from the vast data storage capabilities of up to 50 gigabytes.

SecureTM BD-R: pre-loaded with EncryptDiscTM Lite software it safely stores your data.

Printable Blu-ray Discs: Feature bright white, hub printable surfaces.

Blu-ray Discs: Ultra high capacity optical disc, stores up to 25GB of data.

UIC: i25978    SecureTM BD-R, 24.9GB, 6x5PK, FJC Showbox 

UIC: i19989    BD-R (recordable) 1-4x 25GB 5PK, Single Layer Showbox

UIC: i19982    Blu-ray BD-RE (1x-2x) 25GB 5PK, Showbox


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