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Securely mobilize your large enterprise or government workforce with a high-volume portable workspace solution.Employees stay productive. Data stays where it belongs.  Carry your operating systems, applications, and security wherever you go.

Boot from USB and turn most computers into a trusted workstation.

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Keeping mobile employees and teleworkers productive – without compromising sensitive data – has never been simpler.  With Imation Stealth Zone Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard (MWES) Edition Software, you can equip your mobile workforce with a complete, portable desktop environment that goes everywhere they do. 

Stealth Zone MWES Edition Software transforms any computer into a fully functioning Microsoft Windows environment that’s protected by strong authentication and hardware-based encryption.  And you can centrally manage security policies and device usage with Imation ACCESS™ Enterprise device management system.  With Imation ACCESS Enterprise, you can manage thousands of Stealth Zone USB devices, customize environments by group or individual, and make auditing and compliance easier than ever.


Work anywhere.

Employees can securely work remotely from home, on the road, in coffee shops and other public WiFi hot spots, or from an overseas military deployment. Just plug the device into any USB-equipped PC, reboot and authenticate, and the Stealth Zone MWES Edition software transforms any computer into your employees’ own personal workspace.


Meet the toughest security requirements.

Rely on hardware that meets the demanding regulatory requirements of Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2, Level 3*.


Deliver the best user experience.

A direct boot of Microsoft Windows ensures widespread adoption and user satisfaction, delivering a normal desktop experience without the performance drag of desktop virtualization.


Recover from disasters quickly.

When terrorism, severe weather or health quarantines threaten normal systems, use Stealth Zone MWES Edition Software to easily and securely distribute preconfigured portable work environments to keep people working.


Equip temporary workers with confidence.

 Contractors and other workers can use your environment on their own systems, and have this environment revoked remotely at any time.


Manage centrally, protect globally.

Rely on the Imation ACCESS Enterprise device management system to efficiently enforce security and data use policies from a central server.


Streamline workflows.

Reduce your administration overhead without sacrificing an intuitive and productive experience for users.


Save time as you scale.

Quickly, securely and reliably deploy hundreds or thousands of Imation Stealth Zone devices. Configure portable desktops to meet user needs without leaving data vulnerable.


Support for separate desktop environments.

Even when regulatory or security requirements demand that different tasks be completed in separate work environments, Stealth Zone MWES Edition Software lets you do it all from a single computer.




*On-board FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validated Cryptographic Processor Certification #1269

Cryptographically secure protection.

A FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated * portable security processor locks down content and shields the desktop from even the most hostile environments, preventing tampering, intrusion and piracy.

Host isolation.

After reboot and authentication, the computing environment is fully isolated from both malware and data leakage.

Traceless departure.  

The portable desktop environment leaves with the user, and no trace of their presence remains.

Advanced centralized deployment and management.

Broadly deploy USB desktops and police their use with Stealth Zone’s deployment tools and Imation ACCESS™ Enterprise management platform. Key features include:

  • Easy, rapid deployment. Retain full control of the desktop image, allowing OS hardening, component addition/removal, and application installation. Transfer across thousands of devices quickly and easily.
  • Flexible policy enforcement. Active Directory integration lets you enforce policies both internally and over the Internet.
  • Tailored environments. Tailor security policies and device behavior to different user needs. Adjust authentication policies ― password complexity rules, retry limits and more ― to the needs of each group of users.
  • Advanced reporting.  Make it easier to meet audit and compliance requirements by logging and storing a complete history of administrative activities for each device.

Optional crossover storage.

Boost user productivity with devices that optionally carry a separate, secure storage partition.  Exchange data between a Stealth Zone MWES Edition desktop and other computing environments– no second USB device required. Share files between Stealth Zone’s bootable operating system and regular computers.   

*On-board FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validated Cryptographic Processor Certification #1269


•    Capacities: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB


•    AES-256 CBC hardware-based full disk encryption
•    FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validated*
•    Isolated OS partition
•    No interaction with host hard drive
•    Direct device communications, NIST SP800-56A certified
•    Manageable with ACCESS Enterprise


•    Strong password


•    OS and application updates via WSUS, SCCM, others
•    User self-issuance
•    Remote policy updates
•    Remote device revocation
•    User self-rescue
•    User and group policies (Active Directory)
•    Internet Gateway for remote secure management


•    Stealth Zone Mini Appliance
•    Stealth Zone Imaging Units


•    Stealth Key Series


•    Microsoft Windows 7

*On-board FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validated Cryptographic Processor Certification #1269


Employees need the flexibility to work at the office PC, on their laptops the road, or work from home computers. Now, an organization can enable employees to use a secure boot-from-USB solution to carry their full desktop, applications and data with them, and work securely from any laptop or computer. Employees have their full work environment wherever they work from, get the full user experience of Windows, and work from a trusted environment that the organization manages, without needing to manage the computer or the security on the host computer. It’s a new paradigm in mobility and teleworking flexibility.



Cost-effective secure solution for delivering an organization’s full desktop and applications to contractors. Boot-from-USB simplicity transforms a contractor’s computer into a trusted workstation.



Allow employees to bring their preferred laptops into the workplace, and have them boot and work from the Imation Secure Workspace device. Simple, secure, and fully managed.



Imation’s Secure Workspace solution runs on USB devices that are FIPS validated, and fully managed. If you need stronger security, Imation’s Secure Workspace solutions deliver FIPS-validated encryption and strong authentication on a single device. More functionality, more security, more control, and lower total cost.



If your employees work from shared PCs, then provisioning an Imation Secure Workspace device to employees allows them to carry their full work environment and data with them and boot securely from any PC.



If you are considering VDI, you should also consider boot-from-USB solutions. Cost, security, and on-line / off-line functionality are compelling reasons to deploy an Imation Secure Workspace solution.

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