Black Watch™ 3590 and 3590E Half-Inch Tape Cartridges

Data storage can make or break a business.


Company and client data is the lifeblood of today’s businesses. That’s why millions of data center managers, IT professionals and computer users look to Imation for the proven quality, reliability and performance they need to reliably manage, store and secure their valuable information.

With Imation Black Watch™ 3590 and 3590E Half-Inch Tape Cartridges, your data works harder and rests easier:

•    Established Leader
Co-developed with IBM, Imation has shipped over 15 million 3590 and 3590E cartridges.
•    Servo-Writing Excellence
Servo-writing accuracy is crucial to ensuring proper tape tracking. Imation developed the world's first servo-written tape cartridge—the 3590. Imation continues to lead advancements in servo technology and has shipped tens of millions of servo-written half-inch tape cartridges.
•    Built to withstand exposure to real world conditions
Imation’s superior tape formulation and cartridge construction help ensure that Imation media will perform properly even after exposure to high or low temperatures during transportation.
•    World-Class Technical Service Organization
Imation tape technology experts partner with our customers to optimize tape storage system performance.

•    Proprietary backcoating
Imation’s textured backcoating safeguards your data by repelling error causing static electricity. Imation’s backcoating also acts like a cushion to absorb wound-in debris safely to decrease the chance of data loss and minimizes inter-layer slippage for uniform signal output.
•    Certified 128-track, 256-track and 384-track recording capability
Factory-written servo pattern keeps tape heads aligned for precise data reading/writing and helps ensure proper tracking over the entire length of the tape. Imation is the leader in servo-writing development, from the 3590 to the latest LTO formats and beyond.
•    Patented Imation FlashGard™ Weld
Creates a "wall within a wall" to trap unwanted weld debris or "flash," keeping it away from the tape pack. This process enhances cartridge ruggedness and helps protect against drop damage.
•    Imation Certified
Every single cartridge is tested to help ensure uncompromising reliability and out-of-the-box performance.
•    Cleaning Cartridge
Magstar 3590 (Models “B”, “E” and “H”) drive compatible cleaning cartridge provides up to 100 cleanings.

Imation Media

IBM Drives

3590/“J” Cartridge

3590E (Extended 3590)/“K” Cartridge

3590 “B” Model (128 track)

10GB Capacity (up to 30GB compressed) 9MB/s Transfer Rate*

20GB Capacity (60GB compressed) 9MB/s Transfer Rate*

3590 “E” Model (256 track)

20GB Capacity (60GB compressed) 14MB/s Transfer Rate*

40GB Capacity (120GB compressed) 14MB/s Transfer Rate*

3590 “H” Model (384 track)

30GB Capacity (90GB compressed) 14MB/s Transfer Rate*

60GB Capacity (180GB compressed) 14MB/s Transfer Rate*

*Transfer rates depend on drive connectivity and are listed as native.