RDX A8 Hard Disk Storage Library

RDX A8 Hard Disk Storage Library

Enables SMBs to access up to 12 TB of data simultaneously.

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The multiple-bay RDX A8 networked storage array enables SMBs to access up to 12 TB of data simultaneously (on eight RDX removable disk cartridges, based on 1.5 TB cartridges), and can operate as either a backup target or online storage. Leveraging its ability to mix different capacity RDX media (320GB, 500GB, 1 TB and 1.5TB) in a single appliance, the RDX A8 provides “pay-as-you-grow” storage scalability and investment protection.

The Imation RDX A8 delivers comprehensive benefits to SMBs:

  • Backup: Faster, easier and more reliable data protection
  • Restoration: Quick recovery of data in the event of a disaster
  • Cloud-enabling applications: More efficient cloud seeding and storage

Data transfer rates of up to 160 megabytes per second enable rapid incremental and full backups, while random access ensures users can find information more quickly than with any sequential-access tape solution. Combining fast access times, high data transfer rates, infinitely scalable capacity and ruggedized media for reliable performance, the Imation RDX A8 is an affordable, enterprise-strength backup system that’s purpose-built for SMBs.

Enormous Capacity

Protect more data: stores up to 12 TB simultaneously (up to eight 1.5 TB RDX media), and additional media can be used for more capacity


Backup, restore faster: high transfer rate, random access enable shorter backup windows and quicker restorations


Grow storage as needed: disk capacities include 320GB, 500GB, 1TB and 1.5TB (the highest capacity RDX media currently available); forward compatible with higher capacities


Easily access data: RDX media is compatible and interchangeable with all RDX and RD1000 removable hard disk docks, including the Dell PowerVault RD100

Unit dimensions       
Height: 3.417 in / 86.8 mm
Width: 17.508 in / 444.7 mm
Depth: 12.075 in / 306.7 mm inc. bezel
U Height: 2U

Unit weight       
13.95 lb / 6.33 kg

Unit capacity, uncompressed       
160 GB-12 TB (8, 1.5 TB RDX media)

Transfer rate       
Up to 160 MB/sec average sustained

RDX Media       
Rugged 2.5” mobile SATA hard disk drive

RDX Media capacity, uncompressed       
320GB, 500GB, 1TB, 1.5TB

RDX media dimensions   
0.93 in. H x 3.40 in. W x 4.69 in. L
(23.7 mm H x 86.6 mm W x 119.2 mm L)

Forward and backward compatible with all RDX media

1 year, limited