Data Backup and Recovery

Data Backup and Recovery -  Purpose Built for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Safeguarding your organizations' valuable information while continuing to make it available to your users is critical for businesses today. Key decision related to what data to protect, how to protect it and availability requirements are key parameters in defining a backup and recovery strategy.

These data related decisions are key in determining the recovery time objective (RTO), the time from data loss to the time it is available again, and the recovery point objective (RPO), the point in time a known good data set is restored from. Each decision has a cost and time element associated with it. A local copy of backup data on disk can provide near instant restore capability.  Replication to a remote site or cloud storage can provide an off-site copy of data for disaster purposes.  Removable media, RDX or tape, can provide a local or remote copy of off-line backup data.

Imation offers enterprise level data protection solutions for small and medium-sized businesses that are affordable, easy to implement and maintain, and offer up to four levels of data protection; local copy, removable copy, site-to-site replicated copy and cloud storage copy. 

Data Protection Appliances

Imation® data protection appliances are powerful solutions that are purpose-built for SMB data backup and recovery, combining the comprehensive capabilities of complex enterprise-class systems with the simplicity, ease of use and cost-effectiveness that small businesses demand. They enable SMBs to maintain uninterrupted business operations by delivering rapid disaster recovery, easy scalability as data quantities grow and reliable data protection.

DataGuard - Purpose-Built Data Protection Appliance

RDX A8 Storage Array with IBM TSM FastBack Data Protection Software


DataGuard - Purpose-Built Data Protection Appliance
The Imation DataGuard product is an “all-in-one” data protection (NAS) appliance offering one-click setup with up to four levels of data protection and recovery, providing best-in-class business continuity, disaster recovery and backup. Key differentiators include:

Always-on-Always Protected: Four levels of data protection from a single backup infrastructure; local disk-to-disk backup, cloud, site-to-site replication and removable RDX disk cartridges. Predictive algorithms provide early indication of potential disk failures. Disk expansion and migration is supported via online RAID expansion and migration capabilities.

Higher Performance: LAN/WAN performance issues are bypassed with the integration of RDX technology. Internal benchmark testing (e.g. sequential reads) has demonstrated higher performance than competitor products.

Integrated Management Capabilities: Provided with a single interface for all layers of data protection, eliminating the need to toggle between multiple management interfaces.


Backup Software Supported

  • Symantec Backup Exec
  • dataStor Shield
  • CA ARCserve
  • Acronis Backup and Recovery
  • Supports other applications as a backup target



RDX A8 Storage Array with IBM TSM FastBack Data Protection Software               

The Imation RDX A8 Hard Disk Storage Array and IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager (TSM) FastBack backup application provides SMBs with a cost-effective, networked storage array appliance with an unrivaled blend of data security, capacity, performance and flexibility. This unique solution brings enterprise class data protection to SMBs.

Compared to other backup and recovery applications, the FastBack/RDX A8 solution has the unique ability to:

  • Enable discrete data to be written and then removed for storage offsite
  • Write the same data to multiple cartridges to quickly create redundant copies for even greater security
  • Compatibility with newer and higher capacity media as they are developed
  • Mount a snapshot to host drive letter without the need to recover the snapshot which provides flexible and fast restoration of emails and files
  • Rotate periodic snapshots (e.g. daily, weekly, or monthly) to a secure location for longer term storage



CA ARCserve
IBM Tivoli Software Manager FastBack
Symantec Backup Exec


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RDX® A8 Storage Array with IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager (TSM) FastBack Data Protection Software


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