Geo-Physical Data Solutions

Oil and Gas Exploration Generate Large Amounts of Field Data

Industries such as oil and gas exploration capture an enormous quantity of data from devices such as well-head flow monitors, seismic sensors and satellite telemetry systems. This huge amount of field-generated data must then be transported or transmitted back to company offices for analysis and secure storage. The solution is a purpose-built data storage library with the scalability, performance and portability needed to handle this mountain of data.

The multiple-bay, networkable Imation RDX A8 Hard Disk Storage Library enables users to access up to 8 TB of data simultaneously (on eight RDX removable hard disk cartridges, based on 1 TB media). In additional to providing infinitely scalable capacity (just add more cartridges), the easy portability of ruggedized RDX media enables vast amounts of field-captured data to be simply and safely moved, without the significant network bandwidth overhead that’s imposed by electronic transmission of such large amounts of data.

The RDX cartridges utilized in the A8 Hard Disk Storage Library also deliver outstanding performance (up to 75 MB/sec average sustained transfer rate) and random access to data, enabling data processing to be done directly from the RDX media (unlike slower, sequential access media that require data to first be ingested into a hard disk-based storage system before analysis). And because RDX cartridges are designed for high re-use counts, they can be confidently used again and again.

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