Black Watch 9940 Tape Cartridges

Black Watch™ 9940 Tape Cartridges

No matter what the application, data integrity is your highest priority.


Company and client data is the lifeblood of today’s businesses. That’s why millions of data center managers, IT professionals and computer users look to Imation for the proven quality, reliability and performance they need to reliably manage, store and secure their valuable information.

Exclusively co-developed with Oracle StorageTek, the Black Watch 9940 tape cartridge packs 60GB (typically 120–240GB compressed) capacity into a single-reel, familiar 3480 form factor. When using the StorageTek T9940B drive, this same cartridge offers 200GB (typically 400–600GB compressed) native capacity and a native transfer rate of 30MB/second.

Imation brings over 50 years of tape media experience and established technology to its Black Watch 9940 Tape Cartridges. This longstanding commitment to reliability and data protection ensures you can back up, restore, archive, copy, distribute, or manage your data with confidence.

With Imation Black Watch 9940 Tape Cartridges, your data works harder and rests easier.

Exclusively co-developed with Oracle StorageTek

60GB native capacity when used with the T9940A drive (up to 240GB compressed)

200GB native capacity when used with the T9940B drive (up to 400GB compressed)

Provides optimum flexibility in managing multiple & existing applications

UPC: 41333 Black Watch 9940 Tape Cartridge
UPC: 16343 Black Watch 9940 Tape Cartridge–O1
UPC: 15883 Black Watch 9940 Tape Cartridge–O1/I
UPC: 41335 Black Watch 9940 Tape Cartridge–O3
UPC: 41334 Black Watch 9940 Tape Cartridge–O3/I
UPC: 26935 Black Watch 9940 Tape Cartridge DataGuard rf label
UPC: 26936 Black Watch 9940 Tape Cartridge DataGuard rf label initialized
UPC: 41337 9940 Cleaning Cartridge–100 Cleanings
UPC: 01817 9940 Cleaning Cartridge w/EDP labe–100 Cleanings
UPC: 27215 9940 Cleaning Cartridge w/ DataGuard rf label

O1: Customer supplies labels, Imation applies
O3: Imation-applied color bar-coded labels
I: Initialization can be added to all options