DataGuard rf Handheld Reader

DataGuard rf™ Handheld Reader

Seamlessly track the movements of your data cartridges.


Company and client data is the lifeblood of today’s businesses. That’s why millions of data center managers, IT professionals and computer users look to Imation for the proven quality, reliability and performance they need to reliably manage, store and secure their valuable information.

The DataGuard rf Handheld Reader (a fully-tested Motorola 9090G) is used for scanning cartridges and cases using Imation Volser Labels with RFID. The Handheld Reader syncs (via a transportable docking station or Wi-Fi) to upload the scanned information to your existing tape management system.

This established, reliable technology is the ideal instrument for performing library audits and recording daily tape cartridge movements to and from your data center or offsite storage facility. The Handheld Reader is also programmable to create watch lists for locating misfiled or out-of-sequence cartridges.

With the Imation DataGuard rf Handheld Reader, your data works harder and rests easier.

Pre-loaded with proprietary Imation software that interfaces with your current tape management system.

Dual function technology which enables reading of Imation integrated RFID labels as well as traditional tape cartridge bar code labels.

Immediately begin transitioning your library to the more efficient RFID technology as you purchase new media, without the hassle of a complete conversion or multiple readers.

UPC: 27212 DataGuard rf Motorola Handheld Scanner 9090G Software Preloaded
UPC: 27203 DataGuard rf Handheld Reader Software License
UPC: 27201 DataGuard rf Handheld Reader Yearly Maintenance