Imation Secure Scan

Imation Secure Scan

Proactively Protect the Data in Your LTO Library.

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When you’ve entrusted terabytes of data to your LTO library, passively waiting until a drive shows signs of failure just isn't an option. Imation Secure Scan enables you to identify small errors now before they can become big problems that threaten your company’s valuable information.

Imation Secure Scan enables you to proactively assess the health of your entire LTO library, searching for potential errors before they cause data loss. And if you discover a possible error, Secure Scan will determine the root cause—drive or media—so you can replace only the suspect equipment, much more cost-effective than the traditional practice of discarding the entire lot.

Employing a patent-pending algorithm that reduces the risk of false negatives or positives, Imation Secure Scan is also the only scanning product that includes a locking mechanism that can prevent on-site and in-transit media from being accessed by any LTO drive. And an integral barcode reader (specifically developed for the Imation Secure Scan) enables cartridges to be scanned in or out of their poly storage cases.

A comprehensive solution for assessing the health of LTO libraries, the Imation Secure Scan is smart, agile and efficient...just like your business.


With its patent-pending data security feature, Secure Scan enables cartridges to be locked for added security during transport or storage. When locked, cartridges cannot be read from, or written to, by any LTO drive.

Easy-to-use Media Diagnostics

Secure Scan comes complete with an integral barcode reader that can scan cartridges in or out of their poly storage cases, providing immediate feedback on the viability of individual tapes. The included software makes it simple to monitor media subsets or entire libraries with easy-to-use statistical graphics and reports.

Technical Service

Secure Scan’s innovative "phone-home" feature lets you submit scan information directly to Imation's technical service organization for in-depth analysis. Imation will return a full report providing you with detailed information on your media and usage patterns, comparisons to industry trends, and recommendations on enhancing media performance and longevity.

System and Software Requirements

Pentium 4 processor or better
512MB RAM (minimum)
10MB hard disk space (minimum)
Microsoft Windows operating system (i.e., 32-bit 2000/XP, 64-bit Windows 7)
Two available USB 2.0 ports
Color monitor, 1024 x 768 or greater native screen resolution (required)

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