SLR Tape Cartridges

SLR Tape Cartridges

No matter what the application, data integrity is your highest priority.

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Company and client data is the lifeblood of today’s businesses. That’s why millions of data center managers, IT professionals and computer users look to Imation for the proven quality, reliability and performance they need to reliably manage, store and secure their valuable information.

With storage capacities ranging from 525MB to 140GB (compressed), Imation SLR Tape Cartridges easily scale with your growing storage requirements. So as you need more capacity, you won’t need to go through the expense and hassle of bringing in new technologies or formats.

Imation brings over 50 years of tape media experience and established technology to its SLR Tape Cartridges. This longstanding commitment to reliability and data protection ensures you can back up, restore, archive, copy, distribute, or manage your data with confidence.

With Imation SLR Tape Cartridges, your data works harder and rests easier.

Based on linear recording technology, SLR media and drives provide outstanding performance and dependability through:

  • Fewer moving parts
  • Reduced tape stress
  • Linear tape path contained entirely within the cartridge
  • Metal base plate delivering dimensional stability

SLR140: Designed for Tandberg Data's SLR140 drive with 140GB compressed capacity (70GB native) and a 12MB/second compressed transfer rate (6MB/second native)

SLR75: Designed for Tandberg Data's SLR75 drive with 75GB compressed capacity (38GB native) and a 8MB/second compressed transfer rate (4MB/second native)

SLR100: Designed for Tandberg Data's SLR 100 drive with 100GB compressed capacity (50GB native) & a 10MB/second compressed transfer rate (5MB/second native)

SLR7: Designed for Tandberg Data's SLR7 drive with 40GB compressed capacity (20GB native) & a 6MB/second compressed transfer rate (3MB/second native)

SLR60: Designed for Tandberg Data's SLR60 drive with 60GB compressed 2:1 (30GB native capacity)

Imation also offers media for SLR4, 5, 24, 32, 40, 50 & older legacy drives

UPC: 11864 SLR5 Tape Cartridge
UPC: 41461 SLR7 Tape Cartridge
UPC: 12725 SLR24 Tape Cartridge
UPC: 11892 SLR32 Tape Cartridge
UPC: 41112 SLR40 Tape Cartridge
UPC: 12096 SLR50 Tape Cartridge
UPC: 41115 SLR60 Tape Cartridge
UPC: 16838 SLR75 Tape Cartridge
UPC: 41069 SLR100 Tape Cartridge
UPC: 16891 SLR140 Tape Cartridge
UPC: 45640 MLR1 Tape Cartridge