Ultrium LTO 1 Tape Cartridges

Ultrium LTO 1 Tape Cartridges

Entrust Your Data to Imation.

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With Imation Ultrium LTO 1 Tape Cartridges, you’re assured of the reliability and support that comes from the industry's most trusted media supplier. Purpose-built to meet the rigorous demands of midrange and enterprise networks, Imation Ultrium Tape cartridges give you data protection unlike any other LTO cartridge.

Robust Data Protection:

Patented Three-Piece Tape Spool Design
Aids in tape guidance, distributing stress more evenly over the tape for better performance and longer archival life.

Factory-Written Servo Pattern
Enables closer track spacing and higher data density while keeping heads aligned on the data tracks for precise data reading/writing

Patented Corner Snap
Improves cartridge strength by keeping the leader pin in place and the cartridge tightly closed in the event of mishandling or shipping disruption

Write-Protection Tab Design
Enables easy visual confirmation of write-protection status

Up to 200GB storage capacity (2:1 compression)

40MB/second transfer rate (2:1 compression)

For use with all Ultrium LTO Generation 1 drives, including IBM, HP, Quantum (Certance), Oracle (StorageTek), ADIC & others

30 years estimated archival life

20,000 load/unload cycles

Limited lifetime warranty

UPC:   41089   LTO 1 Tape Cartridge w/ case  
UPC:   41277   LTO 1 Tape Cartridge w/o case 
UPC:   16232   LTO 1 Tape Cartridge labeled w/ case
UPC:   26897   LTO 1 Tape Cartridge DataGuard rf labeled w/ case 
UPC:   41278   LTO 1 Tape Cartridge labeled w/o case 
UPC:   26898   LTO 1 Tape Cartridge DataGuard rf labeled w/o case