Regardless of the size of your organization, Imation collaborates with the industry’s best-of-breed partners to help you solve broader business challenges. 

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Data Protection
Protecting your company’s data is as important to Imation as it is to you. We partner with top vendors from around the world to develop all-encompassing, enterprise-class data protection solutions to help your organization efficiently protect, archive and recover data.

Imation solutions accelerate efficient data protection in virtualized environments by partnering up with leading virtualization vendors and offering high-capacity, high-performance, enterprise class storage systems that are ideal for virtualized environments.

Imation solutions protect and store files for long-term retention while reducing the size and cost of primary storage and the complexity of backups. Stringent data integrity features like file-fingerprinting ensure the file you save is the file you will retrieve, time after time.

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Managing and securing massive amounts of sensitive patient data presents a unique challenge to healthcare IT. Imation offers innovative solutions that secure, protect and recover crucial healthcare data.

Media & Entertainment
Successful Media & Entertainment production starts with reliable access to digital data throughout the workflow process. But it doesn’t end there. To stay competitive, your company needs the high-density, flexible storage that Imation excels in: cost-effective, efficient, fast.

Digital Video Surveillance Storage (DVS)
Increased surveillance doesn’t have to mean higher cost. Provide more peace of mind for less with Digital Video Surveillance solutions from Imation: performance, capacity and efficiency that can scale with your needs.

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Secure Data Movement Architecture
Imation’s SDMA offers organizations and users a holistic approach to manage and protect an organization’s most valuable data from tampering, loss or corruption through their entire lifecycle.

Increasingly popular for both primary storage and scalable backup protection, NAS solutions from Imation deliver scalable, cost-effective, and manageable storage that handles your organization’s ever-growing unstructured data requirements.

Imation's Nexsan™ SAN storage arrays provide scalable storage and hybrid systems that scale in capacity and performance. Get enterprise-class reliability, performance and high-density for traditional and virtual environments; achieve efficiency in data protection and archiving.

Hybrid storage solutions from Imation are efficient, flexible and intelligent. NST™, with FASTier™ scalable caching technologies, lets you meet your organization’s demand for additional applications while freeing you from the task of planning capacity and performance.

Featured Customer Success Stories

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Hybrid Storage Solution

Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies at Florida State University (FSU) required a new data storage platform to support the distribution of global ocean forecasts. 

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