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Businesses are built on Imation™ Tape Storage.

Company and client data is the lifeblood of today’s businesses. That’s why millions look to Imation for the proven quality, reliability and performance they need to manage, store and secure valuable information. With over 50 years of tape media experience, our commitment to reliability and data protection ensures you can back up, restore, archive, copy, distribute, or manage your data with confidence.

Standard Data Cartridges
DLT/SDLT Cartridges

DLT/SDLT Cartridges

UPC: 11774 DLT III Tape Cartridge
UPC: 11776 DLT IV Tape Cartridge
UPC: 17170 DLT IV Labeled Tape Cartridge
UPC: 12919 DLT Cleaning Cartridge
UPC: 16988 Super DLT II Tape Cartridge with Case
UPC: 18040 Super DLT II Tape Cartridge Labeled with Case
UPC: 16332 Super DLT Cleaning Cartridge

4MM Data Tapes

4MM Data Tapes

UPC: 11737 DDS-125 (125m length) 12.0GB
UPC: 40963 DDS-150 (l50m length) 20GB
UPC: 17204 DAT72 (170m length) 36GB/72GB
UPC: 26837 DAT160 (150m length) 80GB/160GB
UPC: 45382 4MM Cleaning Cart

Travan Cartridges

Travan Cartridges

UPC: 46120 Travan 8GB (4/8GB hang tab)
UPC: 46214 Travan 8GB (4/8GB)
UPC: 42467 Travan 40GB (20/40GB)
UPC: 12115 Travan NS20

Standard Data Cartridges

Standard Data Cartridges

UPC: 46157 DC6250 (SLR1, 250MB)
UPC: 46165 Magnus™ 1.2GB (SLR3 1.2GB)
UPC: 46168 Magnus™ 2.5GB (SLR4 5GB)
UPC: 11864 SLR5
UPC: 11892 SLR32
UPC: 12096 SLR50
UPC: 41115 SLR60
UPC: 16838 SLR75
UPC: 41069 SLR100
UPC: 16891 SLR140

Enterprise Cartridges

Enterprise Cartridges

UPC: 43832 Black Watch™ 3590
UPC: 16378 Black Watch™ 3590 Non Load Tested
UPC: 43838 3590 Cleaning Cartridge
UPC: 11805 3590 Cleaning Cartridge w/label

Enterprise Accessories

Enterprise Accessories

UPC: 27016 Dataguard rf Integrated Labels - 3XX0 &9X40 UHF Printed & Programmed
UPC: 27017 Dataguard rf Integrated Labels - LTO UHF Printed & Programmed
UPC: 27018 Dataguard rf Integrated Labels - 3592 UHF Printed & Programmed
UPC: 26675 DataGuard rf Integrated Labels - LTO Ultra High Frequency (UHF)
UPC: 26677 DataGuard rf Integrated Labels - Enterprise Ultra High Frequency (UHF)
UPC: 26676 DataGuard rf Integrated Labels - 3592 Ultra High Frequency (UHF)
UPC: 27203 DataGuard rf Handheld Reader Software License
UPC: 27201 DataGuard rf Handheld Reader Yearly Software Maintenance

3.5 Diskettes

3.5” Diskettes

UPC: 12881 3.5" DS-HD 10 Pack IBM PC Formatted

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